Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Validated Products

This products have been validated by NIST as conforming to the SCAP and its component standards.
VendorProduct Authenticated Configuration ScannerAuthenticated Vulnerability and Patch ScannerCCECVSSFDCC Scanner" target="_blank">Laboratories Accredited to do SCAP TestingMisconfiguration DatabaseMisconfiguration RemediationNVLAP/scap/validation/126.cfmThe labs listed below have been accredited by the NIST National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program () to perform SCAP validation testing. Click on the lab name to see a full listing of the lab'Unauthenticated Vulnerability ScannerUSGCB ScannerVMware vCenter Configuration ManagerVulnerability Database
VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
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SCAP validation program:
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