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Thanks for visiting my website! Glad to see you here.

I have been working in information security since 2009, specializing in Vulnerability Management, Compliance Management, custom security automation and metrics. You can read more about my career path in LinkedIn.

All my Open Source projects are on Github. I am currently focusing mainly on my vulnerability prioritization tool Vulristics (read the posts about it).

I publish my posts in audio-video format as well. Here is my Youtube channel and you can open this podcast feed url in the podcast player (or try to search for “AVLEONOV Podcast”).

My main messenger is Telegram, and I have several projects there:

  • @avleonovcom – main channel with all the stuff
  • @avleonovrus – мой русскоязычный канал, обновляется чаще (my telegram channel in Russian)
  • @avleonovchat – our community; feel free to ask your questions there
  • @avleonovnews – channel with the latest security news; updates automatically

My pages in social networks:

My email: