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Thanks for visiting my website! Glad to see you here.

My name is Alexander and I’m an Information Security Automation specialist. For 6 years I have actively participated in development of MaxPatrol and XSpider – the best known Vulnerability and Compliance Management products in Russia and CIS. I also worked in the biggest Russian Internet/Mobile Companies and Financial Institutions providing precise automated vulnerability assessment and vulnerability intelligence of a huge and diverse IT-infrastructure.

Enthusiast for NIST/MITRE/CIS and OWASP open security standards and initiatives.

Also the head of OpenVAS Russia project.

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Feel free to follow me or add me to your friend list at facebook, twitter, linkedin, telegram. Sometimes I publish videos on my youtube channel.

My email: me@avleonov.com

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  3. Ram C

    Hi Alex,

    Which ones of these vulnerability management products for analyzing and prioritizing risks?

    Kenna seem to have support for various connectors. But I’m looking to see if there is a reporting feature in the vuln. mgmt product that can also serve the interest of the non-security savvy executives to be able to speak in their language of finance; in terms of the cost of risk in dollars($) – Similar to this feature in baydynamics product offering

    Bay Dynamics
    Core Security
    Kenna Security

  4. RTP


    I am looking at two VM solutions right now, Rapid7 and BeyondTrust. Rapid7 comes across as the better product, simpler to get it going, better interface, and so on. BeyondTrust wins on price, and due to budget it may be BeyondTrust or nothing. BeyondTrust has a difficult interface at times, reporting seems not as intuitive, and so on.

    Have you worked with both of these products and have any thoughts? ?o you think BeyondTrust would be good enough?

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