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Bye-bye Nessus Cloud, hello Tenable.io

Tenable Network Security has announced today a new cloud platform – Tenable.io. Let’s see what it’s all about.


As you can see on this figure there will be three applications available for the platform: familiar Vulnerability Management (the new name of Nessus Cloud), new Container Security (Tenable bought FlawCheck service last October) and the long-awaited Web Application Security (not available yet).

It’s not clear yet how closely these services will be integrated with each other. But now even  trial versions of Container Security and Vulnerability Management should be requested separately.

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Improved interface of new Nessus Cloud v. 6.6

Tenable just released new version of Nessus. Most changes was made in cloud-based version of their popular scanner – Nessus Cloud. Official screenshots are not available yet, so I made couple of them from the tutorial video. If you’re a current Tenable customer, you can log in to the Tenable Support Portal, click the Training Videos link and watch “Workflow changes in Nessus Cloud 6.6” by yourself.

The most interesting change, in my opinion – the new dashboards. Where you’d normally seen a list of scan jobs, you’ll see a new dashboard, that will give you a quick overview of scan results:

  • Changes in number of critical, high, medium and low vulnerabilities detected in the system
  • Part of the vulnerabilities that are exploitable, older than 30 days, detected with authenticated scan and has a remediation recommendations
  • Top vulnerability detection plugins

Nessus Cloud Dashboards

Scan results moved to the separate “Scans” tab. And on the same tab we see the “Resources”: Policies, Asset Lists, Exclusions, Scanners and Agents.

Nessus Cloud Scans

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