Who will take the market share of McAfee Vulnerability Manager?

McAfee® Vulnerability Manager (MVM) End of Life

We are observing an interesting case now. Short time ago, Intel Security have finally killed their McAfee® Vulnerability Manager (MVM) / FoundStone product and mutually with Rapid7 presented “Nexpose‬ Migration Toolkit”.

MVM to Nexpose migration

The Migration Toolkit contains Deployment and Migration related documentation that outlines the migration path, as well as a proprietary utility to easily migrate several key components of the customers MVM deployment into Nexpose.

Moreover, Rapid7 becomes Intel Security’s Exclusive Partner for Vulnerability Management. Such a manageable transfer of own customers to a third party, that’s not what we often see. So, maybe, in the relatively near future, we will hear that Intel buys Rapid 7. It become even more likely after Rapid 7 presented their new trending UEBA products InsightIDR and InsightUBA.

MVM was a good product at the start. But it hasn’t been developing for 15 years. Even vulnerability database updates were not regular. But still, according to IDC report, MaAfee MVM (Intel) had 5% of Worldwide Vulnerability Assessment market.


Will Rapid7 get all MVM users? Don’t think so. Other vendors are also preparing interesting proposals for them. For example, latest Greenbone Networks press-release (DE) where they offer free consultations and procedures to make the transition as smoothly as possible. So, with increasing number of vendors, it will be interesting to observe the share of McAfee Vulnerability Manager.

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