Harassment scandals, Sheldon Cooper, Black Mirror and blockchain

Lots of good jokes in a popular TV show The Big Bang Theory are related to Sheldon Cooper’s bureaucracy in interpersonal relationships: all these “roommate agreement”, “relationship agreement”, etc.

Harassment scandals, Sheldon Cooper, Black Mirror and blockchain

However, because of these endless harassment scandals in media, now it seems like a best practice of some kind. 😉

roommate agreement

I’m not particularly interested in who is right or wrong in any particular scandal. But the scheme itself seems corrupted.

In the current reality, when any joint action can be post factum presented as violent and committed under pressure, even after 10-20 years, and can lead to very sad consequences, any oral arrangements are rapidly depreciating.

We are normal people, we understand each other and can always set a mutual agreement, right? As practice shows, this does not work. Interpersonal communication protocols have vulnerabilities that can be exploited. So, what can be a geeky, introverted, technocratic, security-centric and a bit sociopathic answer to this? 🙂

Well, it seems that we are on a way to a brave new world, when any joint action will require a (smart?) contract in the (blockchain?) registry. This contract should express clear consent, refusal of claims, etc. Just in case, who knows what will happen in future.

Moreover, it seems like the constant audio/video recording of everything that is happening around is also an inevitable thing. So nobody could frame and sue you and you could demonstrate the moment and conditions when any of your contracts were concluded.

Something like in “The Entire History of You” episode of Black Mirror TV series:

The Entire History of You - Black Mirror

Or something less futuristic, like US police body cameras:

US police body camera

This will certainly require a review of Privacy related legislation. But who cares about Privacy, except of civil society? Civil society, in it’s turn, very easily bends under the arguments for protecting a hypothetical individual from hypothetical violence. So I think in the end, “the right to take photographs and video in public places” will be expanded to the right to record everything and everywhere. There will be some problems with copyright, but they can be solved.

And we, as security specialists, will have a lot of work to do. ^_^

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