Federated-Style CVE

It seems like MITRE Corporation wants to cut the costs of security projects. Once again. They transfered OVAL Project to the Center for Internet Security. Now MITRE announced the launch of a “Federated-Style CVE ID”. The idea is to give oportunity for other authorities to issue CVE IDs in special format.


The federated ID syntax will be CVE-CCCIII-YYYY-NNNN…N, where “CCC” encodes the issuing authority’s country and “III” encodes the issuing authority. At its launch, MITRE will be the only issuing authority, but we expect to quickly add others to address the needs of the research and discloser communities, as well as the cybersecurity community as a whole. This new federated ID system will significantly enhance the early stage vulnerability mitigation coordination, and reduce the time lapse between request and issuance

MITRE announced the launch of a Federated-Style CVE ID

Different organizations may produce different numbers for the same issue. Obviously this can lead to the conflicts. It is unclear either whether a single register will be created. And security vendors will have to support this new entities. Actually MITRE officials haven’t discussed anything with the community, that was mentioned in announcement comments. Full text of announcement you can find here.


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