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How to remove sensitive information from a Github repository

Hello everyone! In this episode, I would like to talk about Github and how to remove sensitive information that was accidentally uploaded there.

Alternative video link (for Russia): https://vk.com/video-149273431_456239077

This is a fairly common problem. When publishing the project code on Github, developers forget to remove credentials: logins, passwords, tokens. What to do if this becomes known? Well, of course, these credentials must be urgently changed.

What was publicly available on the Internet cannot be completely removed. This data is indexed and copied by some systems. But wiping it from github.com is real.

Why is it not enough to just delete the file in the Github repository? The problem is that the history of changes for the file will remain and everything will be visible there. Surprisingly, there is still no tool in the Github web interface to remove the history for a file. You have to use third-party utilities, one of them is git-filter-repo.

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