Study Vulnerability Assessment in Tenable University for free

Not so long ago, Tenable presented renewed online training platform – Tenable University. It is publicly available even for non-customers, for example, for Nessus Home users. However, not all courses are available in this case.

Login screen

I decided to check it out, registering as non-customer.

Sign up


Logged in. Added some more information about myself:

Additional info

And here is how it looks inside:

first screen

List of available courses:

public courses

Course groups:

  • Nessus Family
  • SecurityCenter

I subscribed to “Nessus scanning” сourse:

Nessus scanning course

Lectures of this course:

Training overview

Scan Overview lecture, Speaker describes what Nessus NASL plugins are:

First lecture

Nessus Scan Sequence:

First lecture

Nessus only perform vulnerability tests that are appropriate for the operating system and services detected on a target. Only relevant tests will be performed.

Lectures are quite useful. However there are no tests and certificates. They are available for the customers:

Tenable customers receive additional training benefits, such as Certificates of Attendance, Certificate of Completion exams, continuing education credits, as well as a larger catalog of training material!

For comparison, Tenable customers have “Learning Plans” and can get a certificate after passing an exam:

Tenable University for customers

This learning plan consists of the Nessus courses, as well as a Certificate of Proficiency exam. Passing this exam will allow you to download a certificate showing you possess the knowledge delivered in the Nessus On Demand training.

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