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Microsoft Patch Tuesday February 2023: Win Graphics RCE, Edge RCE, Publisher SFB, CLFS EoP, Exchange RCEs, Word RCE, HoloLens1

Hello everyone! This episode will be about Microsoft Patch Tuesday for February 2023, including vulnerabilities that were added between January and February Patch Tuesdays.

Alternative video link (for Russia): https://vk.com/video-149273431_456239118

This month I decided to change the format a bit. Now I share my impression of Microsoft Patch Tuesday on the same Patch Tuesday day in my main telegram channel avleonovcom and my second russian telegram channel avleonovrus. You can also find a draft of the Vulristics report there. So please subscribe. And the full blog post/video is published with a delay. And, in fact, this is it.

As usual, I use my open source Vulristics project to analyse and prioritize vulnerabilities. I took the comments about the vulnerabilities from the Qualys, Tenable, Rapid7, ZDI Patch Tuesday reviews.

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday September 2022: CLFS Driver EoP, IP packet causes RCE, Windows DNS Server DoS, Spectre-BHB

Hello everyone! Let’s take a look at Microsoft’s September Patch Tuesday. This time it is quite compact. There were 63 CVEs released on Patch Tuesday day. If we add the vulnerabilities released between August and September Patch Tuesdays (as usual, they were in Microsoft Edge), the final number is 90. Much less than usual.

Alternative video link (for Russia): https://vk.com/video-149273431_456239101

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