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Parsing Nessus v2 XML reports with python

Previous post about Nessus v2 reports I was writing mainly about the format itself. Now let’s see how you can parse them with Python.

Please don’t work with XML documents the same way you process text files. I adore bash scripting and awk, but that’s an awful idea to use it for XML parsing. In Python you can do it much easier and the script will work much faster. I will use lxml library for this.

So, let’s assume that we have Nessus xml report. We could get it using Nessus API or SecurityCenter API. First of all, we need to read content of the file.

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F-Secure Radar basic reporting

In previous post about Radar (“F-Secure Radar Vulnerability Management solution“) I was describing how to use it for authenticated and unauthenticated scanning both inside and outside of your network.

But what about the vulnerability reports?

To get vulnerability report you should open Reporting Tab. As you can see, Radar supports reports for single scan results and summary reports. I don’t actually a big fan of standard vulnerability summary reports, because in practice you will always need to change something in them, and it’s impossible in most cases.

F-Secure Radar reports

I have filtered only Linux OS scans using filter. You can also filter by friendly name (some id, that you can set manually), host name/ip , time of scanning, responsible person, severity level, scan group or even by scan tags.

Radar Filters

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Nessus v2 xml report format

Knowing the structure of Nessus v2 (xml) report may be useful for those who want to analyze scan results in SIEM solution or with own scripts (in this case see also “Retrieving scan results through Nessus API” and “VM Remediation using external task tracking systems“).

Upd. Read this post about practical processing of such reports: “Parsing Nessus v2 XML reports with python


There is a good official Tenable manual: Nessus v2 File Format. If you want to get a detailed description of this format i recommend you to read it.

nessus v2 xml format

Here I would like to share my impressions, explain how to retrieve useful information from the scan report easily and note some dangers during the processing that may lead to incorrect prioritisation of vulnerabilities.

Nessus report contains information about the actual scanning results (Report) and the scan settings (Policy). Sometimes it is very useful to look at a scanning policy for debugging. But in most cases we just need proper information about detected vulnerabilities. Therefore, we examine Report section.

Nessus Client Data

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